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A New Stimulus Bill Has Been Introduced To Give Americans $2,000 A Month Until The Pandemic Is Over

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There has been another bill introduced to congress, and it would provide $2K monthly to Americans until this pandemic crisis is over, and for up to three months after it OFFICIALLY ends.

I am just being real here, my family could REALLY use that monthly bump in income. My husband is one of the MANY that are unemployed do to this mess-of-a-virus.


The bill was introduced by Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Ed Markey, and I would like to give them a big ol’ virtual hug. They understand the circumstances that too many of us are finding ourselves in.

They have called this proposal The Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act, and it REALLY WOULD help support us economically during this tough time.

The only problem: The senate is ruled by a Republican majority right now, and they are putting their feet down on all further spending at this time.

I mean, I guess that’s good for the American budget, but it’s not so good for the citizens that are about to lose houses, cars, electricity, and the ability to obtain food from the grocery store.

With the stimulus package that was already passed (for which some of us are STILL waiting on checks) money was supposed to go to everyone with a social security number.

This new package that has been proposed, would take that stipulation off the table, and ALL people in America would get the help they need.

It would also stop debt collectors from getting their hands on the money, before it gets to its intended recipient.

The Crisis Support Act would also insure that the homeless, and kids in the foster system, received payments. I know MANY families that would be positively impacted by this!

Providing recurring monthly payments is the most direct and efficient mechanism for delivering economic relief to those most vulnerable in this crisis, particularly low-income families, immigrant communities, and our gig and service workers.

Ed Markey, via Yahoo! News

WHATEVER happens, the House is drafting a NEW coronavirus relief bill, and we could hear what that means as early as next week.

So, we may not know WHAT help we are going to get at the moment, but it is GOOD NEWS to know that new aid is being talked about.

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