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Aldi Is Selling $7 LED Lamps And I Want Them All

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These LED lamps from Aldi are ADORABLE! You could put them anywhere! They come in 3 different designs that are super quirky and fun. They are LED lights with a neon effect.


The LED lamps have a white metal base that is sturdy to keep them standing. They are battery-powered, so you could really put them anywhere you want! They would look great on a bookshelf! I mean they only measure only 9.5 inches x 7.5 inches x 4 inches.


I could totally see these being used as night lights. They do have a built-in 4-hour timer so you wouldn’t have to worry about them staying on for too long. They would also be great to set outside at night, or even to take camping.


You can choose from a Cactus, Pineapple, or Unicorn. You could totally get all 3 because they are very affordable! I’m not sure I could choose just one!


Thankfully with a price of only $6.99 I could easily get one of each if I wanted. But if I had to choose, I think I would go with the pineapple, errrr… maybe the cactus? Heck, I’ll take them all!

You can find these in the Aldi Finds section at your local stores. You better hurry though, because Aldi finds sell out fast!


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