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This Airline Is Offering Adults-Only, Kid-Free Sections On Airplanes, And I Love It

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We’ve all been that parent with the screaming kid on the plane.

It’s embarrassing, and not only awful for you, but awful for everyone around you who has to listen to the shrieking child.

There’s a point where the parent of the screaming kid is just trying to survive.

I remember back before I had kids, and it was my life’s goal to make sure I wasn’t sitting next to little kids on an airplane.

Now, there’s one airline that is doing something to make sure adults don’t have to sit near a screaming kid while in the middle of a flight with no way to escape.

They are offering kid-free zones on planes, and this is such a good idea!

Starting in November, Corendon Airlines is going to offer these kidless flights between Amsterdam and Curacao.

The only catch? There’s an extra fee.

But, it’s really not that bad at all.

This kid-free zone is going to be located at the front of the plane, and sectioned off by walls and a curtain — kinda like first class.

There will be 93 seats in this adult only zone, and they can be purchased by anyone 16 years or older.

So, what’s the price?

Get this. These seats start at only an extra €45 a flight — which comes out to about $48 American.

There’s also an option for kid-free seating with extra leg room, and it’s only going to set you back an extra €100 — about $108 American.

I’m totally down to take advantage of this kid-free deal!!

For more information on these kid-free flights, check out the Corendon website.

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