10 Clever Uses for Shampoo

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I love having a clean head, so I use shampoo pretty much EVERY DAY (I know I don’t have to, but I just love that feeling). Funny thing is though, there’s way more uses for shampoo than I realized. I love these 10 Clever Uses for Shampoo. Who knew?

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10 Clever Uses for Shampoo

  • Removing stains: You can remove carpet stains by using water, shampoo and a good scrubbing. The shampoo is safe for the carpeting and is a less chemical alternative to regular carpet cleaners for stains and spills. Especially if you are looking for child safe alternatives.
  • Cleaning paint brushes: Protect your paint brushes by cleaning them with non-conditioner shampoo. Simply scrub them as you would with regular soap. It will work well and will not ruin the brushes. (Conditioner can make the bristles too soft and pliable and may alter the way the brushes can be used.)
  • Prevent goggles from fogging up: To prevent your goggles from fogging up, wipe the inside with shampoo and then smear it around and wipe it off. This will prevent the fog from occurring again.
  • Loosen nuts and bolts: Have a stuck bolt that you need to get unstuck? Apply some shampoo, make sure it gets in the cracks and crevices, and let it sit on there for a little while. The try to loosen it again, it should work this times. The shampoo works its way into the rivets to allow it to loosen. You can also use shampoo to lubricate a screw as its going in to wood, to keep the wood from cracking under the stress!
  • Relieve band aid pain: (I LOVE THIS TRICK WITH KIDDOS!) No one likes pulling a band aid off, it hurts! Especially those cloth ones! Put some shampoo on the band aid before taking it off, let it sit a minute on there. It will relieve the pain of taking the bandage off and won’t harm your skin.

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  • Remove makeup: Use children’s tear free shampoo to remove eye and face makeup. It’s safe for your face and works just as well as those harsh chemicals that dry out your face and skin.
  • Remove yellowing from collars and sleeves: (THIS IS SOOOO CLEVER!) Apply shampoo to the yellowing areas, work it in and wash as you normally would. The stains should come out on the first try! It won’t hurt the clothing and doesn’t involve bleaching.
  • Polish chrome and silver: Mix shampoo with baking soda to clean and shine chrome and silver. Much safer than those chemical concoctions, and much more affordable!
  • Remove grease: Buildup of grease in the kitchen? Use shampoo to clean the grease by working it into it, letting it sit a minute and wiping it off. The grease will disappear and the shampoo can create a barrier on the surface so that it’s easier to clean the grease the next time around.
  • Facial cleanser: Use shampoo as a facial cleanser over other varieties, it will work to freshen and clean you face, as well as work as a great moisturizer for dry or chapped skin. This also makes it easy to wash and moisturize your face while showering saving time.

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  1. Use shampoo to get hair spray gunk off the counter, floor or wall….

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