Spirit Halloween Stores Are Officially Open So It’s Time to Put Up Halloween Decorations

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OMG this just made my day!!

I’ve been watching the Spirit Halloween website for weeks to get an idea of when they’d open their stores.

And guess what? Many Spirit Halloween stores across the nation are open right now! Ahhhhh!

So, it’s time to bust open those wallets and buy all the Halloween things so you can decorate for Halloween.

Who cares if it’s August, the fall weather will be here soon and if Halloween decorations make you happy, do it.

What Spirit Halloween Stores Are Open?

The best ways to know is to head over to the Spirit Halloween website and use the store locator. It will give you a list of locations near you along with their hours.

Some stores still say “Coming Soon” meaning they aren’t open yet. Others are open and provide their hours.

I am seriously so excited and I am running to my local Spirit store today since they just opened!

Happy Halloween!!

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