This Stained Glass Grim Reaper Is The Perfect Hanging Decor For Halloween

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The Grim Reaper is commonly known for collecting people’s souls but as of lately, he’s only catching sun rays.

Thanks to Etsy shop owner @GlassArtStories, there’s a delicate, hanging Grim Reaper waiting for lost souls.

Courtesy of @GlassArtStories

Darkness is turned into light and maybe a rainbow or two by this mythological character when hung on the window in a sunny spot in the kitchen or in the bedroom.

Courtesy of @GlassArtStories

Similar to the mysterious character people often question is real, or not real, the long and dark cloth worn by the common Halloween character is draped in this sun catcher with a skull for a face and long fingers.

Courtesy of @GlassArtStories

Designed in a stance that’s ready to strike, this Grim Reaper has a cunning smile so go ahead and hang it anywhere, if you dare.

Courtesy of @GlassArtStories

You can currently find the Grim Reaper sun catcher on Etsy for $48.86 this Halloween.

Courtesy of @GlassArtStories

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