Here’s Everything Coming to Dunkin’s Early Summer Menu

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Whether you prefer Dunkin’ or Starbucks coffee, the rumors around Dunkin’s new menu is guaranteed to make you a permanent Dunkin’ fan.

Now I’m not picking favorites, but Dunkin’s upcoming new menu sounds like a better caffeine fix than Starbucks currently.

Thanks to the coffee giant and @markie_devo, it looks like Dunkin’ may be serving summer newbies ahead of the heat of the season.

And all I have to say is “thank you”.

What’s dubbed their “Early Summer Menu of 2023”, Dunkin’ is speculated to be releasing three new drinks, one new snack, and making a fan-favorite a permanent addition!

If you thought of the Butter Pecan Swirl as the new permanent addition to menus, all I have to say is good guessing.

Courtesy of @dunkin

In fact, rumor has it that Dunkin’ also created two new drinks with the Butter Pecan Swirl which are called the Butter Pecan Frozen Crunch and the Turtle Signature latte.

Courtesy of @dunkineg

And considering watermelon is a staple during the summer season, it makes sense that Dunkin’ is supposedly releasing the new Raspberry Watermelon Refresher!

Although that’s not the only refresher that will apparently show up on menus soon.

Courtesy of @beachgirl_93

The famous Lemonade Refreshers including the strawberry, dragonfruit, and mango pineapple will also be supposedly sitting pretty on the menu ahead of you in the drive-through.

And let’s not forget about the classic Lemonade that’s also said to be featured on the Early Summer Menu as well.

When it comes down to the food from Dunkin’, the coffee chain has never failed to whip us up something good.

Taking inspiration from the croissant stuffers, Dunkin’ may be adding a new stuffed croissant filled with ham and swiss.

Courtesy of @dunkin

Oh, and if you forgot last year, National Donut Day is on June 2 which means you can get a free classic donut with the purchase of a drink!

Dunkin’s speculated Early Summer Menu supposedly releases April 23 through June 20.

Courtesy of @marki_devo

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