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Netflix’s New Docuseries ‘The Tiger King’ Is Like A Fever Dream I Want To Have Every Night

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I am a total sucker for a polygamist cult story. When you add in baby tigers, alligators, snakes a drug kingpin, a magician, and murder it’s quite possibly the best thing to ever grace television.

Netflix has a new docuseries about exotic cats and all the drama surrounding a man named “Joe Exotic” called “The Tiger King” and it is so batshit crazy you might think it’s fiction. But, it’s not.

And I have never been more exited about anything I’ve ever watched. Here’s the thing it starts out as just like… this show about a guy who runs this private zoo full of exotic cats in the middle of nowhere, Oklahoma. That in and of itself is enough to be crazy enough for a tv show, but that isn’t even the crazy part.

It turns out that all these cat lovers have pitted themselves against each other in a knock down drag-out cage match about who is taking better care of their Tigers.

And I am here for it. The thing about the Tiger King is that you think you’ve heard it all. You say out loud to your husband, “Okay, this is as crazy as it’s going to get…”

And then suddenly out of nowhere, somebody is feeding their husband to a tiger.

And then you’re like okay, so that happened. Nothing gets weirder, right?

Wrong. SO WRONG. The polygamist big cat people come out with what is legitimately a straight up tiger cult.


Nothing will ever compare with a tiger cult.

I mean, at this point I am feeling really sorry for all those people who were in regular cults, because dude, they got jipped. They could have been in a TIGER CULT.

But then, then when you think things get crazier, the FBI teams of with Fish and Wildlife, and we learn that Fish and Wildlife are straight up NOT messing up with thugs.

Like, The FBI is a joke compared to Fish and Wildlife.

I have never and will never watch anything greater that Joe Exotic singing about Carole Baskin feeding her husband to the tigers.

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How do you even cast for that? Like, put an ad out on Craigslist?

All I know is, I need more Joe Exotic in my life. Can they do a series of him just talking about Carole while he sits in prison?

Because I’d pay to watch that.

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