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You Can Crawl Inside Of This Giant UFO Inflatable and Pretend to Abducted by Aliens For Halloween

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Do you believe in Aliens?

Halloween isn’t just about witches, ghosts, and monsters… nooo Aliens can be scary too… something from the unknown that is genuinely creepy.

If you are looking for something that is truly different to add to your Halloween collection of outdoor decorations, then you are going to want this!


You can stage an Alien abduction in your own yard!

I don’t think I have ever come across a Halloween decoration that was interactive like this.


You’ll have the town talking because Aliens really do exist.

This Crawl Inside Jumbo UFO Inflatable Decoration will bring so much entertainment to your yard this Halloween season!


First of all, it’s huge, standing at nearly 9 feet tall!

When it’s fully inflated, it looks like a UFO that has sent down a beam to gather up some humans to run some tests on.


In the ship part of the inflatable, there is an alien figure silhouetted within the cockpit.

What makes this interactive is that you and your friends can take turns climbing inside the “tractor beam” and pretend you are being abducted by Aliens. 

It will make for a fantastic photo opportunity that will have everyone stopping by to see it.


It comes with everything you need including the inflatable, stakes, string, and basic Instructions.

You can buy your own 9 Foot Tall Crawl Inside Jumbo UFO Inflatable Decoration from HalloweenCostumes.com.


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