You Can Get A Christmas House For Your Cat at Target and They’re Festively Adorable

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Cats love sleeping cardboard and you can cross your cat off the holiday shopping list by getting them this Christmas Cat House at Target!

You most likely got the Haunted House for your cat and now you need one (if not both) of these:

First, Target is offering a Ski Chalet Double Decker Cat Scratcher House that is only $16.99 – not bad for how festive it is!

What’s better than cozying up in the chalet after a great day of cutting across powdery snow on a mountain? Being able to share the experience with your loving pet.

The Ski Chalet Cat Scratcher has all the charm of a cabin in the alps, but it’s made with feline comfort in mind. Inside the secluded cabin your cat can peek at the world through the window or stretch her claws on the built-in scratch pad. If she wants to survey her domain, the scratch-pad cat perch above offers the perfect spot to do it. The whole set is made of lightweight – yet surprisingly durable – cardboard that assembles in a jiff. All in all, it’s a bit of feline winter magic just begging for a corner of your home.

The second one is a RV Cat Scratcher House and I just love it – reminds me of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation RV

You don’t have to hit the road with your cat for the perfect holiday vacation. Just pop up this teardrop camper right in your living room and enjoy the cozy cheer at home!

Windows built into the camper let your feline friend peer out at everything going on in the room, plus the floor has a built-in scratchpad so she can satisfy the natural urge to touch up her claws in a constructive way. The set is made of lightweight – yet surprising durable – cardboard that assembles in minutes. It’s just what you need to make every day a relaxing staycation for your pet.

You know you need these for your cat so just get both!

You can get one of these Christmas Cat Houses at Target Here.

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