Two Women Were Hospitalized After Using A Vacuum To Try To Stop Their Periods…and What?!?!

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Ladies! What the H-heck are y’all doing? I can’t believe I have to address this little issue.

Please stop vacuuming your vaginas!

A nurse known as @OdesseyT99 on Twitter has brought it to our attention that two ladies tried to vacuum out their vaginas to end their periods early.

Like, they literally stuck that hose attachment onto their vacuum, and shoved it up into their nether-regions to try to suck out that pesky period blood.

I want to know, at what point did someone look at that hose and think, “Huh! What a great way get over my period!”

Let’s think about this rationally. There is more up there than just blood. It would be kind of like ripping off a scab. You are going to cause MORE blood and MORE pain.

Not to mention, you may dislodge an organ that you might want to keep right where it is.

You are going to send your body into SHOCK. You literally can’t handle that much blood loss that rapidly.

There are better ways to accomplish shortening or stopping your periods. Safer, medical ways — that are far less likely to kill you than vacuuming your hoo-hah.

Try talking to your doctor. I’m sure they can recommend a treatment that would be beneficial for you. I can also GUARANTEE that if they knew you were using a vacuum on your va-jay-jay, they would FREAK OUT!

So, let’s make a pact right now. Repeate after me, “I will not use a vacuum cleaner on my vagina.”

Stay healthy, happy, and SAFE!

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