Stanley Just Released Mini Coolers That Will Keep Your Snacks Cold All Day Long

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If you thought Stanley’s Quenchers were good, wait until you see this.

Stanley’s superpower is keeping things cold.

And if you’ve ever sipped the water you left in your Stanley after running errands all day, you’d know that the water inside, was just as cold as when you first poured it in the morning.

Now taking their superpower to the next level, the trendy tumbler company has gone from Ant-Man to Captain America, (sorry Ant-Man, no hard feelings here).

Courtesy of Stanley

Just in time for summer adventures, Stanley has created their own line of mini coolers that are perfect for picnics and beach days.

But these coolers aren’t the average type of cooler you typically see stocked at your local retail store.

Courtesy of Stanley

No, in fact these coolers have a 10-can storage capacity with, and here’s the kicker, a 12 hour cooling capability to keep your favorite foods and drinks chilled!

So don’t be fooled by the word “mini” its in title because these coolers get the job done exactly when you need it.

Courtesy of Stanley

But not only do these coolers have superior skills at stuffing the most and keeping your goods cooled, but Stanley’s coolers are even super trendy in their appearance.

I personally, don’t prefer a bulky cooler, (and who does?), so Stanley’s coolers come compact, and are dressed in bright and neutral colors!

Courtesy of Stanley

Including a front zipper pocket for valuables, a shoulder strap for long walks to your picnic spot, and other unique details, your can expect four new colors such as cream, rose quartz, fuchsia, and black!

Courtesy of Stanley

Stanley’s new All Day Julienne Mini Coolers release TODAY on their website which you can find here.

Now the only hard part is choosing which color to pick.

Courtesy of Stanley

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