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Here’s Where You Can Get The TikTok Viral Rose Bear

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Whether you’re on TikTok or not, its more than likely that you’ve probably ordered a customized drink from Starbucks (aka, the White Chocolate Mocha with sweet cream cold foam and caramel drizzle) or the famous “TikTok leggings”.

Many users on TikTok also promote unique products that you can find on Amazon and according to this viral video, there’s currently a Valentine’s Day teddy bear thousands of individuals are raving about.

It’s called the Rose Teddy Bear and just as the name sounds, it’s a teddy bear made up of roses.

Courtesy of Amazon

Each teddy bear is made up of artificial roses in the silhouette of a bear-shaped design and you can get the cuddly bear in 7 different colors including light pink, black, yellow, green, blue, peach, and white!

Courtesy of Amazon

The artificial roses make this teddy bear everlasting for a near perfect upkeep for every Valentine’s Day holiday till kingdom come.


As if the teddy bear wasn’t already downright gorgeous, the packaging is too.

Amazon conveniently stuffs each teddy bear in a clear gift box with a black ribbon and a pretty bow tied on the top of the box with the words “just for you” written in white on the black ribbon.


You can currently get the delicate rose bear for $24 on Amazon!


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  1. Hi I ordered the rose teddy bear before valentines through Tiktok but didn’t receive them I bought 2 paid for them and not got them

    1. @Salma khatoon, i did the same thing and never received anything.

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