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Kylie Jenner Hits Up Target With Three 4-Year-Olds in Tow and She Is So Brave

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Kylie Jenner is just like all of us. She shops at Target.

Well okay, she could probably BUY Target. But, she did end up taking her daughter Stormi and her Nieces True Thompson and Chicago West on a surprise girls’ day out to the big bulls eye.

Side Note: That’s 3 freaking 4 year olds at one time. That sounds exhausting.

Now, who knows if she’s even ever been to a Target. *Shruggy Emoji*

But, the makeup mogel took to TikTok to chronicle her adventures in my favorite store ever.

kylies2222 / kyliejenner

It’s at least good publicity for the store, AMIRITE?!?


When people see that she was shopping like a civilian, I bet they are going to rush to their local Target to be just like her.

Kylie’s TikTok Target trip begins with the girls walking into the store — Kylie pushing the girls in a big red cart.

Where are we going, girls?

Kylie Jenner

The girls don’t miss a beat. They know exactly where they are.


Stormi, True, and Chicago

They first walk by the home section of the store, but wind up — of course — in the toy aisle.

The clip ends with the girls at a register buying an entire load of toys.

The Jenner / Kardashians. They are just like us. LOL!

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