The Dunkin’ Fall Menu Is Here Including Two New Fall Drinks

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Like the rest of us, Dunkin’ wants the seasons to change already considering their latest announcement regarding their upcoming new fall menu!

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And if you thought Dunkin’s autumn menu was coming out in September, think again because we can except the coffee chain’s fall inspired menu to release sooner than that!

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With several returning beverages and snacks including two new drinks (yes I said two), Dunkin’ is stirring a large pot of witches’ brew filled with refreshers and coffee.

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Introducing the brand new fall refresher from Dunkin’ dubbed the Bloody Orange, we can only assume that this drink takes after the famous Bloody Mary, nixing the alcohol of course.

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Following the Bloody Orange will be the new Nutty Pumpkin coffee which can be ordered hot or iced, featuring notes of pumpkin and hazelnut flavors combined in one flavorful drink!

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Returning will be the famous Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, the Pumpkin Spice Signature Latte, pumpkin themed donuts, munchkins, and muffins and finally, the Maple Sugar Snacking Bacon & Sammy.

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With two new drinks and returning fall favorites, it can be easy to forget about National Coffee Day; on Thursday September 29, run to Dunkin’ to get a free medium hot or ice coffee for rewards members only.

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Dunkin’ fanatics can expect the fall menu to drop as early as August 17 until November 1 and there’s just one more secret to spill.

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The coffee chain’s Halloween menu releases October 12 for spooky season and we can expect the Peanut Butter Cup Macchiato, spider decorated donuts, and pumpkin shaped filled donuts to return!

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