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Here’s How to Order The Caramel Cookie Macchiato Off The Starbucks Secret Menu

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We all know that the Starbucks Secret Menu exists but this week, we’re putting the spotlight on a fan favorite, the infamous Caramel Macchiato.

Most of us can agree that the Caramel Macchiato is nothing less than spectacular, and who knew the recipe could get even better than freshly steamed milk mixed with vanilla-flavored syrup, espresso and a layer of caramel drizzle.

But of course, never say never.

Thanks to a few social media users online, we now know that a remixed version of the Caramel Macchiato exists and that it should taste similarly to grandma’s homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Enter, the Caramel Cookie Macchiato.

Courtesy of @missjenlifts

Now this secret menu drink from Starbucks is a little bit unique because this coffee order can be made in a couple of different ways.

If you’re on a health kick, @missjenlifts shows you how to order the healthier version of the Caramel Cookie Macchiato.

Courtesy of @missjenlifts

With no vanilla syrup, triple blonde shots, one pump each of brown sugar and white mocha, almond milk, and of course, a caramel drizzle, this cookie twist to the famous macchiato totals to only 134 calories!

TikToker @jessnicole____ has also made the viral drink online but in a completely different way.

Courtesy of @jessnicole____

Including blonde espresso and light ice, @jessnicole____’s version of the Caramel Cookie Macchiato infuses a cookie crumble cream cold foam and a generous caramel drizzle along with a few other ingredients that will make you obsessed with this drink.

Of course whichever version of the Caramel Cookie Macchiato you choose, you can still expect a great taste!

Happy sipping!

Courtesy of @jessnicole____

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