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People Are Finding The Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Available Right Now and I’m Freaking Out

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Could this be a dream come true? I had to double check the date.


If you’re a major Starbucks fan (and chances are, you are) you know that every year the biggest anticipation is just when will Starbucks bring back the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte?


It seems like it gets earlier and earlier every year and typically comes back in August.


However, this year may go on record being the earliest they have ever released it.


Because people are finding that their local Starbucks stores already have the PSL back!!

Melissa Gonzalez

No, I am not kidding and this is NOT a drill.


People from several different states from Colorado to Arizona to even Hawaii are posting some of their stores have the PSL back.

Christina Wong

Some are wondering if it is old, expired product but if it’s at several different places, it’s can’t be a fluke, right?


The best way to know if your local Starbucks has PSL back is to call or visit and ask. Be nice if they tell you they don’t have it though, not all locations will.

Oh and make sure it’s good and not expired. Ha!

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