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Coco Is Perhaps The Most Spoiled Dog Ever And She Even Has Her Own Pink Lamborghini to Prove It

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There are about a thousand cute doggos that you can follow on Instagram.

Remember Moo? He’s one of my absolute faves!!

They are all super cute. Some even have special talents that single them out from the group.

But NONE of them are as spoiled as THIS cute little poodle.

Coco, an Instagram Influencer pooch from Sydney, Australia, lives with her mistress Alaina.

Now, Alaina doesn’t just spoil Coco. She takes it to the extreme with her little fur baby.

Most spoiled doggos get a comfortable bed to snooze in, good food to eat, and maybe even a raincoat to wear when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Yeah, that is MOST spoiled dogs. But you’ve GOT to check out how Alaina caters to her pooch, Coco.

Are you ready for this?

Miss Coco has customized bowls for food and water.

Coco has a wardrobe wall entirely decked out in designer duds. From tutus to sweaters, from jammies to dresses. You have to check this out.

Coco is my little girl, she deserves the world. I spent thousands of dollars on her, but I like to dress her up in clothes that I like.


She has a collection of only the best jewelry.

Of course, she has more toys than she could ever dream to play with.

But, get this. She even has her own pink lamborghini!! I mean, WHAT?!?

Family and friends certainly think this is not normal. Even though I overindulge with my dog, from his parties to his wardrobe, I feel like I’m not spending more than a parent would.


Okay, the dog has a lot of material possessions. No one is arguing with that. BUT, Alaina also throws Coco themed birthday parties every year!!

For her seventh birthday party, Coco had a ballerina dancing in a giant-sized bubble at her party. Of course, she was surrounded by balloons in every shade of pink imaginable.

Seriously, my kids get a trip to Build-A-Bear for their birthdays, and we call it a day. LOL!!

You can follow Coco on her Instagram page, Coco_The_Peekapoo.

I’m going to forewarn you. You are about to be hella jealous of a dog. Ha!!

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