Twix Released ‘Twix Shakers’ Seasoning Blend That You Can Sprinkle On Everything

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The selection of choices to drizzle, crush, sprinkle and layer on vanilla, chocolate, or rocky road ice cream has become an endless pit of sweet treats when choosing a topping for your ice cream masterpiece.

The simple drizzle of chocolate syrup or the light sprinkle of jimmies is completely out of style.

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Twix candy bars are adding to the list of toppings for your Sunday evening ice cream sundae decorated in a bright yellow bottle and a red cap!

Dubbed the name Twix Shakers, this seasoning blend is recommended for ice cream, cookies, milkshakes and more, as said so on the bottle.

Everything you taste whether you prefer the left or right Twix, is combined and finely mixed together to create one seasoning blend featuring chocolate caramel and cookie flavoring just like the candy bar.

The new seasoning has so far been spotted at Sam’s Club for a suggested retail price of almost $6 a bottle, which means it’s time to move over the garlic salt and cayenne pepper in order to make room for this sweet seasoning in the kitchen cabinet.

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