The Old Farmer’s Almanac Is Predicting A Cold, Wet Winter

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I am getting my heated pants, gloves, and socks ready NOW!

Say it isn’t snow… no really, say it isn’t… Snow is cold, wet and HEAVY to shovel. Ugh. Better get prepared now!

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting frigid temperatures this winter, with NO LESS THAN SEVEN big snowstorms. Yes, 7.

What is that now? I’m hoping I didn’t hear that right.

There is, of course, another Farmers’ Almanac, and it is predicting much of the same.

Both almanacs predict that about 2/3 of the country will see cooler-than-normal temperatures, with lots of rain or snow to accompany the temps.

If you believe in the powers of prediction of the almanacs, you may want to grab your heated car blanket, and get ready for the barrage.

They are predicting a longer winter, saying it may extend into early spring. Looks like Punxsatuwney Phil won’t be seeing his shadow in February! Sorry all you warm-weather loving humans.

The BIG question is, will you have a white Christmas? Well, I don’t know, buy you can see what the Old Farmer’s Almanac has to say.

Now, you other lucky people living in the 1/3 of the country that won’t see cold temperatures and snow, enjoy your winter! Maybe it’s coming for you next year.

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