Nurses Are Using ‘Barrel Of Monkeys’ Game Pieces To Secure Their Masks And It Is Brilliant

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Some super ingenious nurses in Kentucky found a way to alleviate the soreness behind their ears from wearing a face mask all day.

Can you just IMAGINE how sore it must be to have tight elastic resting on and behind your ears ALL DAY.

But, it’s not just all day. Most of these nurses work multiple 12+ hour shifts.

So, it’s multiple days in a row of wearing a mask for HOURS. I can imagine, their ears would start to ache and develop pressure sores after awhile.

So what did the child life specialists at Norton Children’s Hospital in Kentucky do?


They used the monkeys — from the Barrel of Monkeys game we played as kids — to pull their mask elastic behind their heads! I, absolutely, love it!

Courtesy of Heather Clements Stohr on Facebook

How clever! Not only is it functional, it is super fun.

Courtesy of Heather Clements Stohr on Facebook

Necessity truly is the mother of invention! Leave it to a children’s hospital to come up with the CUTEST way to wear their much needed masks.

Courtesy of Heather Clements Stohr on Facebook

This makes me want to go buy a few Barrel of Monkeys games from Walmart, and go donate it to local hospitals!

It’s the little things we don’t think about, that can make a super awesome difference in the lives of our essential workers!


See the original Facebook post about the creative use of the Barrel of Monkeys game, below.


Health Care Workers can still use donated masks. If you have the means, and are willing to help, you can find the CDC recommended templates, here.

No, these aren’t the same as the N95 masks the medical communities use, but they help PROTECT the little supply of masks they have.

Courtesy of the CDC website

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