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Hubie Halloween Is One Of The Most Watched Shows On Netflix, But Why?

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Y’all. I love Adam Sandler — or more aptly, I USED to love Adam Sandler.

Courtesy of Netflix

Hubie Halloween is #2 on the Netflix top ten, but I’m really wondering why.

I mean, it has “Halloween” in the title, and we are but 2 weeks away. Maybe people are just looking for a good movie of the not-so-scary variety for the season.

Even if you have NOTHING else to watch this Halloween season, I’d go ahead and skip this one, if I were you.


This is NOT the funny Adam Sandler of 50 First Dates, Tommy Boy, and Big Daddy. THIS Sandler seems to be trying too hard.


Either that, or he just doesn’t give a rip how actually funny a movie is.

Like with MOST Adam Sandler movies, he brings his friends in to act out a part in the movie: Kevin James, Rob Schneider, Steve Buscemi, Tim Meadows — you know, the USUAL cast of Sandler movies.


Also like MOST Sandler movies, Adam plays a good hearted guy who is often to butt of teasing and jokes.

Courtesy of Netflix

In this movie, he finds himself in the middle of a real murder investigation.

I just about told you the ENTIRE story right there. Save yourself the one hour and forty-five minutes.


UNLESS you happen to LIKE brainless comedy that really isn’t funny unless you are a prepubescent middle school boy. If that’s the case, this is the movie for you!


I wanted to like this film SO BADLY, because I USED TO be such a fan of Adam Sandler. Unfortunately Hubie Halloween fell flat, and I just see it as time I’ll never get back.

Courtesy of Netflix

Let me know what you think in the comment. Have you seen Hubie Halloween? Did you actually like it?

See a trailer for Hubie Halloween below.

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