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Walmart Is Selling A $10 Giant Halloween Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake and I Need It

It’s officially the time of the year we stuff our faces with delicious treats and then work it off in the New Year.

If you haven’t been to Walmart for sweet treats lately you should know, they are selling a Giant Halloween Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake and it only costs $10!

While I was browsing their bakery I came across these Cookie Cakes and OMG they are DELICIOUS.

The best part is, they are only $9.98!

They are described as a Chocolate Chunk Cookie Cake with giant semi-sweet chocolate chunks. Um, YES please!

They had 3 different designs to choose from in purple, lime green and red.

They also came decorated with Halloween sprinkles and fake Spider rings.

Hurry and grab one before they are gone!