Wendy’s Famous Chili Is Coming to Grocery Stores Nationwide and I’m So Excited

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Wendy’s chili is almost as good as grandma’s, I said almost.

Courtesy of @darth_shioshio

And if you’ve ever craved a Wendy’s chili outside of the chain’s business hours (isn’t that the worst), there’s no reason to drive 40 minutes to the next one because this hot stew is coming to grocery stores!

Courtesy of Wendy’s

That’s right, you read correctly. Wendy’s famous chili recipe will be canned and stocked on grocery store shelves so when you’re craving a bowl, you can simply pick one up on your grocery run.

And we wouldn’t blame you if your next “grocery run” was simply only to snag the chili, and nothing else.

Courtesy of @hannah9516

Thanks to Conagra Foods for making the announcement at the CAGNY Conference according to social media user @snackolator, it’s good to know that we can pick up a can, or several when shopping for bread and milk.

Courtesy of @snackolator

Assuming that the chili should taste exactly as if you picked it up through the drive-thru, this chili might just sell out as soon as it hit shelves so my advice, is to run and not walk to the nearest grocery market.

One can only hope that Wendy’s also starts selling their hot chili seasoning in stores to pair with the chili as per usual.

Courtesy of @aerynsusan

Who else is putting Wendy’s canned chili on their grocery list?

Courtesy of @ball.of.fire

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