5 Questions About The Walking Dead

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Something I think a lot of people have in common is that we weren’t all that into zombies, er, walkers before The Walking Dead. Or maybe it’s just me. I just wasn’t ‘that’ into zombie lore or bloody viscera or the whole idea of a zombie apocalypse. Now? I’m a full fledged zombophile. Between Shaun Of The Dead, Warm Bodies, iZombie, Z Nation, Fear The Walking Dead, and of course The Walking Dead, I’ve now bridged the gap between “person who couldn’t tell you two things about zombies,” and “person who needs answers.” Which is why I’m here. I have 5 big questions about AMC’s The Walking Dead, and I’m hoping someone out there can help. Please. Because I’ve got to know…

As we start season six, I have 5 pressing questions about The Walking Dead...and I hope you can help! Click now!

5 Questions About The Walking Dead

1. How does Michonne keep her katana so sharp? Seriously. It’s like the ginsu of the apocalypse. I’ve never seen her sharpening it, yet that puppy cuts through things like they’re soft butter. We’ve all got that one knife in our kitchen that can’t even cut through a tomato, so how is she managing this? I Really need to know.

Michonne's Katana

2. When the walkers eat, where does it go? Sometimes really late at night I like to make a Mexican food run. And after, I always end up with a burrito baby and that baby’s gotta go somewhere if you know what I’m saying. But the walkers don’t seem to have that issue. They eat and eat and eat and…I just need to know…where does it all go?

walkers eating

3. Why are there no pregnant walkers? Or walkers in clown costumes? Or cheerleading uniforms? This whole thing started pretty darn quick, right? So I’d think by now I’d have seen at least one super duper pregnant walker. Oh! Or the fat ones. I’m a chub; I don’t run. So why are all the walkers so darn skinny? Is the zombie apocalypse the best diet ever??

4. Where does Daryl get all his arrows from? Seriously, please answer this one. It’s like an unending supply. In the episodes where Rick shoots, he runs out of bullets all the time. Not Daryl. He’s Always got more arrows. What does it all mean!?!?

5. Who is cutting the grass? I ask this for super personal reasons. My lawn is never as manicured as the grassy fields and long open spaces on this show. I mean, is there some guy out there just going around maintaining the greens post apocalypse? And if so, where is he now? And can I borrow him? For real…how is it the grass always looks so well manicured?

who cuts the grass

I love this show. Love love love it. And at this point I’ll probably watch every episode of every spin-off or webisode or other zombie-like show that ever comes out. But that’s not going to stop me from questioning things. Maybe it’s because before I started watching this show I never really cared about zombies or lore or the dead rising (did you know the US government Actually has a contingency plan for a zombie uprising?). Like, it never came up in my every day life, you know? Now, though, almost everyone I know watches. And we’re all super duper into it. And I’m sure you have your own questions. Share them below! Maybe we can find answers together.

Until then, enjoy this Zombitini!


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  1. I have just one question. Why, given all the time these characters have dealt with the walkers do they never think to wrap themselves in duct tape or some kind of “bite deterrent”? Seems to me that at some point they would have figured out a way to cover up their most vulnerable body parts. Oh, I lied. One more question: If all of the walker’s organs have shut down, then how do they digest and why the hunger if their digestive system isn’t even functioning?

  2. I like the way you think. We need a Walking Dead Chub Club. ??

  3. This made me laugh – all good questions although I see your other commenters seem to have answered some!
    I have often thought there are just too many Zombies, they are decaying, not everyone who died became a zombie to start with, some got eaten, the survivors kill a whole bunch every week – where are they all coming from? I just don’t think there would be that many … in every building and behind every door, and don’t get me started on that scene when they were all just the other side of the wood, kabillions of them!!!
    I actually had to stop watching after series 3 as I started dreaming about zombies so now my son watches and just keeps me up to date with what’s happening. That’s not embarrassing right?

  4. Omg, this is hilarious. I’m a WD fan too and I want to know how come the rotting zombies have the strength of a horse? I mean, how is a healthy man/woman not able to just push some of them down? I’m also wondering how Daryl gets all his arrows.

  5. SO excited for the new season to start! I had thought of some of these, but not the grass. Seriously! Fun read.

  6. My big question is this…if everyone is already infected and will become a walker when they die anyway, why is it that being bitten speeds up their death? Is it like a Komodo dragon bite that becomes infected and causes them to die by a bacterial infection? Nobody seems to clean the wound, they just assume they are gonna die, but maybe they can actually survive a bite. Caring for the wound is better than chopping an extremity off or writing you off if you were bit on the body!

  7. Grass. Hmmm. Can’t be getting eaten by cows or sheep, as the zombies would eat them… An oversight on set design, although that picture is from first season when it hasn’t long happened. But even in season six, it doesn’t look that bad, and after 6-7 years, I would’ve thought nature would’ve overtaken a lot more. Like, the farmland they visit (when they met Jesus) wasn’t that overgrown, the roads are still evident and they should be getting encroached by grass and moss…

  8. We have seen michonne sharpening her katana and Daryl makes his own arrows which has also been shown. There was also an episode where the young girls were naming walkers bc they had their uniform on which still consisted of their name tag (not quite cheerleader uniform but still) and there have definitely been big walkers but they eventually start to decay. Now , I am interested in knowing where the walkers meal goes once they eat! One episode they cut open a walker to see if they have recently fed so does it just stay there?!

  9. I always wondered how zombies speed up to catch the team, but they never actually get them… maybe you lose depth perception when you get zombified

    Oh, and that Glenn is a lucky SOB!!! So far he never died, and not for lack of trying by the zombies!!!!

  10. What’s wrong with Carol’s hair? Why doesn’t it ever grow? The governor said the zombies brains were slowly dying. I’m not seeing this. lol Why am I constantly dusting and removing cobwebs but none of these abandoned houses need it? Zombies are slow, yet sometimes they have to run like maniacs to get away from them. Hmmmmmmm….? Why aren’t the zombies wearing t-shirts & shorts? Have they all came from business meetings?

  11. First of all, there were fat zombies in the beginning. As time goes by the zombies wither and decay, that’s why they are so skinny now. The sword and arrows, these are things they don’t feel the need to show, but Michonne propably sharpens the katana before she goes to sleep or something (i think i’ve actually seen her doing sword maintenance) and Darryl collects the arrows when ever he can, finds some along the way and propably even makes them himself. Kid zombies have been seen, and that baby stuff you mentioned, that wouldn’t go well with the audience, me thinks. And the grass.. Well, i don’t giv a crap about the grass. And who says zombies dont soil themselves.. 😀

    1. This brings up a question I have often thought of. The zombies appear to be rotting and decaying. At some point wouldn’t they just decay completely away except for the bones maybe but wouldn’t the bones just fall apart?

  12. OMG these are all things I have always wondered especially the arrows with Daryl. I even said that to my husband last night. So glad I am not the only one curious how real zombies work lol.

    1. It’s like he has a magical arrow sleeve or something. Even if he pulls those puppies back out, he can still only hold so many at once right? Plus, sometimes they’re running and shooting all at the same time. Does he go back after and get the arrows or what? Is that Carl’s job? Does Carl go back and get the arrows once all the fighting is done?!?!?!

      1. I think it’s Carol. Seems like her and Daryl have always had a thing. I think she collects his arrows for him HA

      2. Ohh! That makes total sense. You’re right. It’s probably Carol.

      3. He gets his arrows out of the zombie every time.

  13. There also doesn’t seem to be a big age differential among the walkers. Some, yes, but there aren’t many super old or super young looking zombies. Where are all the kids? Outside of the first one in the first episode and Sophia, I don’t remember many ??

    1. I know, right? And the babies! I keep expecting to see a creepy baby walker somewhere, and I haven’t seen one yet. Also, how is it Alexandria has been around since the beginning and yet there are no babies there? Were these people not thinking about the repopulation of our planet?? C’mon, gotta make those babies folks!

      1. I think because kids and babies are small, they would have made “complete meals” and got totally consumed, ergo no kid or baby zombies around. Same as for fat or pregnant people, they probably couldn’t escape and got all eaten up.

  14. You know, I also thought about this too wondering why are there no walkers who wear glasses? Haha… like everyone of them seem to have perfect eyesight haha!

    1. They probably lost their glasses and don’t know they can’t see, just go along with the herd, or by smell, sound or vibration?