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You Can Get An Inflatable Gummy Worm Pool Float That Wraps Around Your Body

If you collect pool floats like I do, you need this gummy worm pool float!

We all know that just about the single best way to beat the heat every summer is to spend our days in the pool.

But you can only swim for so long before getting tired…

That’s where pool floats come in just like this Giant Gummy Worm Pool Floatie.

This brightly colored pool float is big enough to wrap around your body and keep you upright, soaking in the pool for hours.

Simply inflate it and wrap around your body to use it!

I cannot wait to get my hands on these – it will totally go along with my Gummy Bear Pool Floats just fine!

You can get your Inflatable Gummy Worm Pool Float on Amazon here for just under $16.