Here’s How You Can Play The ‘Mystery String Challenge’ With Your Entire Family This Holiday Season

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I’m going to be honest, I’m a sucker for Party Games.

But, when those Party Games are Christmas themed — stop it right now!! Gah!! I’m obsessed.

This year, my brother and his family are driving in from Texas, and you better bet that I have all kinds of Christmas games planned for our Holiday endeavors.

One Christmas game that I’m super stoked to play is the Mystery String Challenge.

What is the Mystery String Challenge, you ask?

It’s super easy to set up.

The hardest part is choosing the prizes — but that’s secretly my favorite part.

Money, cookies, gift cards, movie tickets, a cool mug, noise-canceling earbuds — you can choose anything you want!


So, you choose a bunch of prizes — one for each person playing the game.

You want to put each prize on a paper plate, and attach a pretty long string to each plate.

Then, you’re going to thread those strings up through an upside down cup — like a Solo cup — that you’ve poked a hole in.

To play the game, each person chooses and pulls a string out of the top of the cup.

The lucky player gets to keep whichever prize moves when they pull the string.

Fun, right?!? Everyone wins!!

Another game we LOVE to play, and you better bet we are playing it this Christmas, is the Saran Wrap Game. If you haven’t played it, you HAVE to check it out!!

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