11 Brilliant Lunch Box Solutions

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Soon our kids will be back in school and you know what that means: lots of school lunches to be made. Making lunches seems like such a chore, doesn’t it? We do all the shopping, organizing, and packing and then half the time our kids forget their lunches. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be such a chore. In fact, we are bringing you 11 Brilliant Lunch Box Solutions that will make lunch time a breeze!


11 Brilliant Lunch Box Solutions

  1. Lunches are usually needing to be kept cold but if your kids are like mine, they always forget to return the cold pack or accidentally throw it away. Instead, try this trick to freeze sponges and use them as cold packs. So much cheaper too!
  2. Sneak in a little Vitamin C. Kids aren’t always aware of what is and isn’t good for them.mott's medelys 2
  3. You know those mornings you hardly have time to brush your hair before getting the kids off to school? That’s where have a refrigerated snack station ready to go makes throwing those last-minute lunches together so easy!
  4. There is this myth that fruits (especially apples) need to be cut right before consumption or they go bad. This apple puzzle cutting trick proves that entirely wrong!
  5. Even when away from your kids you can let them know you are thinking about them by leaving notes in their lunch. Printable sticky notes are perfect for this tasty occasion!
  6. Food is always more fun when it’s cut into little shapes! Remove crust from bread and even skin from fruit with these shape cutters.
  7. Crushed chips can ruin anyone’s day. Instead, try this trick where you fill the bag full of chips with air to prevent them from being crushed! Brilliant!11 Brilliant Lunch Box Solutions Featured
  8. Another idea on the whole “do it yourself” lunch thing, this snack station (with a DIY snack stand) makes it easy for kids to customize their own lunches each and every day. Plus, you control what’s in it so you know they are eating a balanced lunch.
  9. Do your kids like dipping sauces with their veggies? Of course they do! This hack to store sauces in old mini bottles is brilliant and so resourceful.
  10. It’s still hot at the beginning of a new school year and I love this trick of filling and freezing half of your child’s water bottle then filling the rest with water. As the ice melts your child gets more ice cold water!
  11. Forget all the hassle involved with making sure fruits stay cold and fresh. Instead, use our idea of making a frozen parfait using yogurt, fruit snacks, and graham crackers. By lunch this parfait will be thawed and ready to eat!

Our Favorite Solution – A Frozen Parfait!

This frozen parfait is sure to be delicious and such a great addition to any lunch box. All you need is some vanilla yogurt, crushed graham crackers, and fruit snacksmotts2

Simply fill a small container with vanilla yogurt (leave enough room at the top to add the topping). parfait step2

Next, sprinkle the crushed graham crackers on top and then add the fruit snacks.motts3

All you need to do is place it into the freezer the night before the next school day and then place it into your child’s lunch box. By lunch time they will have a tasty parfait that is ready to eat!


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  1. This site certainly has all of the information and facts I wanted about this subject
    and didn’t know who to ask.

  2. My daughter would love to have frozen parfait for part of her school lunch, but I don’t own any of those plastic containers. I’ve been meaning to shop around for those, and also new lunch boxes for them. I’ll have to see if I can search online for lunch boxes, hopefully my daughter will love which ever box I get.