Amazon is Selling A Giant Bear Costume You Can Sleep In

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It is winter and if you are ready to stuff your face with some holiday pie and hibernate for the season say no more… Amazon is Selling A Giant Bear Costume You Can Sleep In and it is basically the best thing ever.

This sleeping bag is as functional as it is ADORABLE! It’s a giant fuzzy bear — but it’s also the cutest sleeping bag around.

Amazon is selling this giant, full-body sleeping bag, that is also one of the warmest, most cuddly sleeping bags EVER! Prepare for the softest night sleep you’ll ever have.

This bear will cost you about $145, and I say, TOTALLY WORTH IT! This snuggly buddy will be the envy of EVERYONE.

Due to overwhelming demand, SnooZzoo sleeping bags are now available in adult size. Standing 78 inches tall, Adult SnooZzoo sleeping bags can accommodate a person up to 75 inches tall.

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If you want to get CRAZY, EIKO ISHIZAWA has come out with a bear sleeping bag that is a work of art. It is based on a story out of Bavaria in 2006, where a bear came into town and TERRORIZED the locals. Eiko Ishizawa’s bear art is considered an installation sculpture, and it will cost you like $2600.

The $145 for the SnooZzoo bear sleeping bag isn’t looking so bad now, huh?!? Ha!

This cuddly buddy weighs 10 pounds, and will accommodate a person up to 300 pounds.

I totally need one of these bear bags! I could TOTALLY wear one of these around the house — or ya know, to sleep. Whatevs.

You can get your Giant Bear Sleeping Bag/Costume Here.

Via Amazon Reviews

If you want to see some more bears that are SUPER FREAKING CUTE, check out these Nightmare Before Christmas Bears from Build-A-Bear Workshop. They are only available ONLINE, and I totally need them all!

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