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Arby’s Is Releasing A Limited Edition Vodka That Tastes Just Like Delicious Curly Fries

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Okay, Arby’s. You got my attention — big time!!

They may “Have the meats,” and they may have those BOMB curly fries, but now Arby’s can boast about something else that everyone is going to want!

I’ll go ahead and say it. I love a good vodka. Plain with a little bit of sprite or mixed with olive juice in a vodka martini. I even like a good flavored vodka — especially if it is mixed into some tasty JELLO SHOTS!!

But, Arby’s has my attention with their brand-spankin’ new vodka, and I’m gonna have to be one of the first in line to try it!

Is it roast beef flavored? Nope. Is it apple turnover flavored? Nu-uh.

They have gone and taken those delicious curly fries — the ones they are FAMOUS for — and given that flavor to their new vodka!!


I mean, vodka is made out of potatoes — so I guess a curly fry flavored vodka only makes sense, right?!?

They also have a crinkle fry flavored vodka, but curly fries are where it’s at.

Prove me wrong!!

Where in the world, you might be wondering, can you get your hands on this unique vodka concoction?

Well, they are going to release a special limited quantity batch on November 18 at 12pm EST.

There will be a second drop of this limited edition vodka on November 22.

You better get your ordering fingers ready, because you can only purchase this vodka online at Arby’s Vodka.

You can also follow Arby’s on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok to hear the latest news about Arby’s Vodka releases.

Or, you know, you can always come here. We will pass along any news we hear!

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