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You Can Get A Bone Shaped Pool For Your Dog And It Is Perfect for Summer

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Do your dogs like to swim?

Two out of my four dogs absolutely LOVE the water and a pool for them in the Texas summer heat is a must-have item.

I normally get them a plastic kiddie pool, but then today I found this and I love the idea of this bone shaped dog pool surrounded by a deck!


It’s made to last and hold up to your dog’s pool parties!

The bone shaped dog pool is made with truckbed liner material and has a brass cap and drain so you can change out the water very easily when needed.


Pool time is good fun for your dogs and a great way to let them cool down while getting some energy out.


The bone shaped dog pool is chew resistant as well as UV resistant!


It measures 11 inches by 44 inches by 66 inches and holds 85 gallons of water when you fill the pool all of the way to the top.


Even the giant dogs can cool down in this pool!


The pool is available in 4 different color choices as well:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Sand
  • Pink

You can buy your own bone shaped dog pool from DogPools.Shop with free shipping in the Continental U.S.


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