Burger King Is Releasing a New Ghost Pepper Whopper for Halloween and This Time It Has an Orange Bun

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Burger King’s Ghost Pepper Whopper is not for the weak.

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A meal that Dracula might even shy away from is coming to the burger chain for you and I to try this year.

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Enter: The Ghost Pepper Whopper or also known as the Halloween Whopper, considering its brand new color.

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That’s right, Burger King is coloring its burger the same as a pumpkin rather than the black and white buns that have released in previous years!

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Featuring spicy queso, crispy jalapeños, slices of bacon, ghost pepper cheese, and a Whopper patty all sandwiched in between two bright orange buns just in time for Halloween!

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Now if you’re brave enough to bite into spicy queso, jalapeños, and ghost pepper cheese all at once, you’ll be happy to know that BK isn’t releasing this spooky burger at select locations only this time.

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Coming this month, the burger giant is releasing the Halloween Whopper on October 13 nationwide; not to mention its also coming to select chains earlier beginning on October 10!

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Our recommendation before you dare take a bite? A side of fries will help with the heat.

Courtesy of @burgerking

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