People Say This Comic Sans Hack Cures Writer’s Block And Allows You To Write More

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People are saying that if you use the font Comic Sans, you can cure writer’s block, writing more and writing faster.

So, so many people just cringed and turned red from disdain over, perhaps, the most hated font in existence. Especially those in the literary world. They just raged a little bit. Ha!


There are even entire web pages and Facebook groups dedicated to the members’ contempt for the font that is loved by tweenie boppers everywhere.


The Comic Sans Criminal is an entire website dedicated to helping people get over their excessive use of Comic Sans. It’s actually a pretty funny, informative page, but some of the reasons they give for not using the font are:

* It is a comical font, intended for children, not for serious information.
* It can be difficult to read, in part because it is a “sans serif” font, not well suited for many lines of text.
* It uses lines at varying angles to form the letters, and there’s little to no uniformity in the design, making it appear disheveled and messy.
* Whether deserved or not, many will judge you (harshly) for using it.

Courtesy of Two Writing Teachers

I need to apologize to all Comic Sans haters out there. There appears to be some merit to the Comic Sans hack, that says writing in this childlike font will help you write quicker and with more content.


As much as people think Comic Sans is an unprofessional font, and love to ridicule its adolescent appearance, it appears that maybe it lets your mind relax enough to just write.


Something about this font is so disarming. Something about this font lets you look past the shape of the words and into their soul. I’ve never written so much as i did last night, on my phone, at 2am, in Comic Sans.

Tumblr User courtesy of The Mary Sue

This is a known trick, and there are even school teachers that recommend trying to write in Comic Sans.

Despite how much people despise this typeface, it turns out that if you use Comic Sans to draft you will write more and you will write faster. I’m not kidding. Try it.

Two Writing Teachers

But, why the heck does this phenomenon work? I mean, does it really matter what font we use when trying to write?


The entire point of Comic Sans is that each letter is totally distinct from the others. It’s why people who have dyslexia love this font: the irregularly-shaped letters make it easier to break words down into their component parts and properly interpret them.


People are saying that they can double their word count in half the time, and I so wish I could change this font to Comic Sans! Ha!

If you don’t believe it works, try it out for yourself!! I would be very interested to hear your input and feedback!!

I will say, changing up my font to Comic Sans did seem to work for me, but I’m not sure if I just really WANTED it to work, and so it did. LOL!

Let us know if it worked for you!

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