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Constructive Criticism

The term constructive criticism brings up all sorts of confusing thoughts for me. Even the name is both positive and negative. Making it so that I don’t know feel about it, and instead just leaving my brain all squishy.

The thing is, I have always wanted to be one of those people who could handle constructive criticism. It is, after all, designed to make you better, right?

Oh, sure I always told everyone to rip my stuff up and I could take it… but I still knew it was going to hurt. I mean, that’s how everyone does it right?

Wrong. That’s just what I thought. The thing is… now I know that if people are willing to give me a crit on my work, it means they see actual promise in what I’m doing.

That’s right–the more people (who know what they’re talking about–this part is VERY important) pick through your stuff, tell you what needs work and what doesn’t… the closer you are to having it right.

Once I realized this, I started liking the criticism…

Who knew?

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