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25+ DIY My Little Pony Party Ideas

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Like all parent trying to be uber-cool, I am always on the prowl for awesome party ideas for our next birthday. Last year was baby’s first, but this year, with her turning two, I feel the need to up my game. And since she LOVES my favorite old-school pony-pals, I’m going all-out with a DIY My Little Pony Party!

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My Little Pony is such a universal show. Even my son likes to watch it–it’s so cute, clever and silly. It doesn’t really matter which pony is your favorite, every idea here combines the magic of each one!

25+ My Little Pony Party Ideas

  • I found these pretty pink MLP printable invitations you can either hand-write the personal message, or you can upload into a free editor like PicMonkey and make your little girl’s invitations POP!
  • There’s also this cute little invitation with a great PicMonkey tutorial on how to personalize it.
  • Older girls might like the idea of not printing invitations, so sending some cute e-invites to her friends might be just the thing!
  • If you’re feeling crafty, once you know just how many ponies will be coming to celebrate, you can make them all pony tails in all sorts of colors.
  • Have a little more time to kill? Make them each a set of clip-on pony ears and maybe even a unicorn horn!
  • And if you’re feeling like completely splendiforously craftsy, you can totally go full-pony and make them all wings. The squeals would be never-ending.
  • Decorations are a total must to get the house feeling all birthday-party-ready. These rainbow paper lanterns could be strung-up anywhere–or made during the party for little pony crafts!
  • I love these DIY rainbow-ruffle party hats.
  • Bottle cap necklaces are the coolest craft and favor. Just print these pre-designed pics, then have the pony-party-goers assemble them with these instructions.
  • For a little-bit older girls (tweens, teens or somewhere-in-betweens), you could totally make these awesome Shrinky-Dink Earrings as a party craft!
  • For a little edgier activity, you can give all the kids tattoos and call them cutie marks. Well, ok, if you’d rather be boring and do temporary tattoos, that’s fine too.
  • I love the idea of doing perler ponies with tweens (just not my 2 year old.
  • Who wouldn’t love to bite the head off their favorite pony?! First, make your silicon molds, then some modeling chocolate and away we go!

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  1. Looking for some inspiration for your next event?

  2. I love these ideas. I’ll have to find some way to incorporate some of them into an adult birthday party! XD