There Are Fluffy Miniature Cows You Can Own As A Pet And They Are Adorable

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OMG! You have to check out these little fluffy cows. I want one, like, NOW.


Seriously, that FLUFF just makes me want to cuddle up with one!!

Courtesy of Lovable Little Ones

I need a playmate for my puppy, and I think I’ve found it. These miniature cows are very sociable. They love having other creatures to play and bond with.

Courtesy of Lovable Little Ones

They also have a miniature milk supply. I mean, if you are into the whole milking thing, that would be a plus. I’ll still be ‘extra’, and get my milk straight from the grocery store, thank you.

Courtesy of Lovable Little Ones

I know you’re thinking, “But I don’t even own a farm!” So what. These cows are small enough to fit right in your house! I mean, you probably want a backyard. I don’t really want to clean cow patties out of my kitchen.

Courtesy of Lovable Little Ones

This would be a GREAT way to teach my kids — or YOURS, too — about taking care of living things. They could feed, brush, clean up after, and basically help maintain every aspect of keeping this lovable creature.

Courtesy of Lovable Little Ones

Do you have a child that is super into agriculture — like FFA — this cow would be GREAT!

Courtesy of Lovable Little Ones

Want to know another GIANT plus? They are miniature little lawn mowers. Ha! Hate to mow that grass in the backyard? You don’t really have to worry about it, if you have Hank — that’s what I’ve already named the one I want — eating up all the grass for you!

Courtesy of Lovable Little Ones

Each cow starts at $1500 and can go upwards of $4000 depending on exactly what you want in your miniature cow.

Courtesy of Lovable Little Ones

You can get them to milk, to breed — heifers tend to be more than bulls, or simply as pets.


OMG aren’t they adorable?! Ahhhhh!

Courtesy of Lovable Little Ones

The smaller the cow, the more expensive it will be.

Courtesy of Lovable Little Ones

Also, my FAVORITE — The Highland Heifer — can run $10,000. How do I talk my husband into that?

Courtesy of Lovable Little Ones

They sell out hella-quick. There is a waitlist that usually fills up into the next year. So, if you want want, GET ON IT!

Courtesy of Lovable Little Ones

You can find out all about the miniature cows the the Loveable Little Ones website.

Courtesy of Lovable Little Ones

I’m going to need pictures, if you decide to get one! They are so fluffy and cute. *Squee*


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  1. Ok I live in OK are there any close to me?

  2. I would be interested in more information

  3. Where can I get one of These cows and how much are they ?

    1. I love these miniature cows. How big do they get? And how much are they?

      1. sheesh…people don’t read….
        Theyre $1500.00- $10,000.00

      2. @Connie, Where can i get one for $1500?

    2. We sell mini highlanders.
      Facebook- highlander river ranch. (Cute pictures!!!)
      They live 20+ years when cared for.
      Price always vary on color and size. Message us now to get on a waiting list!!!

    3. @Cora, location? I love the white with black ears and muzzle look not sure of the breed name for that variety like a pair .

  4. when i get the money im going to get 2 mini cows to go with my mini horses and mini goats

  5. These are NOT miniature cows. They are Scottish Highland calves! Yes, I do know – I’m a breeder of these.

    1. I completely agree Lyn. They grow up to be quite large!

    2. I’m remembering the Vietnamese pig craze. Those too were promoted as being miniature sized pigs that grew to be over 100 lbs. and yes, in comparison to the size of a normal sized pig they were smaller, but not small enough to be considered miniature.

  6. How much are the miniature cows ?

  7. I would love one, but must talk husband into it. Where are you located would love to visit.

  8. Anyone that wants one of these or a miniature horse should always look into the breeding, upbringing, etc. of them. Miniature cows still belong outside (as in a barnyard and shelter) with proper care and fed the way they are used to. Adorable yes, but then again so are all of God’s creatures. Before taking on a pet be sure you can care and maintain it’s health and upbringing. 🙂

  9. Funny how when we engineer these beasts to be all chibi and kawaii they’re suddenly “pets” ……. But it’s just fine to slaughter their big ugly counterparts and masticate their flesh. Cows and pigs have feelings and intelligence just like your dog. Yes, these tiny bovines are sweet and adorable and I want them all…. But I bet they’re delicious on the BBQ too……. #funwithveal

    1. Thank you!!!!! My thoughts exactly!!! I wonder how many people commenting here eat cows?

  10. How irresponsible, all of these are calves. Yes, very cute, but babies grow up. There is a breed of smaller black cows in the uk called Dexters, but they are still waist high on a man. Please do your research, before you condemn hundreds of young animals to a life of misery. Let alone the laws broken over licences, TB, foot and mouth, tagging, lot numbers and many more

    1. No one can even begin to become a “good person” without understanding the possibility that one is capable of monstrous actions.

      1. true ! “ I want one , like now” and then when the novelty wears off…..the vet bills for the ills that cows are. Prone to , added to the genetic defect ailments of adorable living mini toys !!!
        They mention MILK . How many people know that a cow has to be pregnant to produce milk !!!? Sell the baby to a veal farm?
        This will end up horribly for most of these poor creatures.

  11. Oh soo cute.thow it alone in the back yard forget to feed it know nothing about cattle or herd mentality. Out of sight out of mind
    Bad idea. What do u do to insure the welfare of the cow? Will u take it back

    1. That’s a lie..they Do not have to b pregnant to give milk. That’s so stupid

      1. No milk producing animal will give milk until it has a baby. Then they will give milk until you dry them off .

      2. Yes they do need to be pregnant or at least given birth, dairy cows are selectively bred to produce higher quantities of milk far more than a calf requires, then 3 months after giving birth they artificially insemination to keep milk production . Dumb idiots

      3. They must give birth to produce milk!!!! In the real world, their calves are taken from them and bottle fed, while mother’s milk is used to provide an unnecessary drink for humans.