25 Freeze Ahead Breakfasts

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Morning at my house is a bit hectic.* To ensure my family makes it out the front door with more than a bowl of Tasty-O’s in their belly, I have perfected the art of the Freeze Ahead Breakfast. These 25 Freeze Ahead Breakfast recipes are not only awesome to keep in the freezer, they taste good, too!

freeze ahead breakfasts that taste good

25 Freeze Ahead Breakfasts That Actually Taste Good

  1. You can make oatmeal cups and freeze them. Add fresh fruit and all sorts of other goodies. Your morning oatmeal will be anything but plain!
  2. You can make the body of these little breakfast monsters ahead of time and add the eyes on the morning of. Then you’re an all-star mom with hardly and work!
  3. Pancakes are my favorite breakfast to freeze! These taste so much better than the kind you find pre-packaged at your grocery store.
  4. I freeze these breakfast balls and they last forever in my freezer. I pull them out a few at a time and store them in an air tight container on the counter.
  5. We eat make ahead breakfast sandwiches at my house all the time. They keep us from stopping at a drive-thru on the way to work!
  6. You can have peach cobbler for breakfast! I love this version because you can freeze a bunch of them and heat up single servings!
  7. Make ahead smoothies are my favorite kind of smoothies. We love these for breakfast.
  8. I love to freeze this breakfast cookie dough and then pull it out in the morning to make delicious, warm, just out of the oven breakfast.
  9. Egg muffins are delicious and packed full of protein. We are so bad about missing out on protein in the mornings!
  10. We put all the stuff for these Kale smoothies in individual bags, and then just dump the frozen contents into the blender in the morning. So good for you and so yum.25 Freeze ahead breakfast ideas that actually taste good
  11. Frozen waffles are a must to keep in your freezer. The (older) kids always pop these in the toaster and let me sleep in on the weekend!
  12. I love everything about these apple quesadillas, but I especially love that you can make up a TON of them and just store them in the freezer, pull them out and cook them up one at a time.
  13. We love breakfast burritos too, these make ahead ham and cheese breakfast burritos are perfect when you’re in a hurry!
  14. Make a big batch of these homemade pop tarts, freeze and heat them up in the toaster. Love.
  15. Muffins are the perfect freeze and make later breakfast. I love love these lemon raspberry ones!
  16. I freeze these banana cookies and we sometimes even eat them frozen. They’re that good!
  17. I am a total sucker for Mexican food breakfast, and these Quesadillas pack a major kick!
  18. French toast sticks are my daughter’s personal favorite. I freeze them two to a baggie and she heats them up on a plate in the microwave.
  19. I love a good country breakfast, but they take FOREVER to make. Unless you make a bunch of them at a time and freeze!
  20. These sausage breakfast burritos are what I eat more than any other breakfast.25 freeze ahead breakfast ideas
  21. I love freezing these little breakfast pies, because they’re the perfect portioned breakfast!
  22. Breakfast cupcakes? Yes, seriously. And they’re awesome.
  23. Baked Oatmeal is AMAZING. I freeze a batch of this stuff and then we can eat it for like, ever.
  24. You really can’t go wrong with a breakfast sandwich. Everyone likes those, and you can customize it with whatever ingredients you want.
  25. And sometimes, just for fun, we have breakfast popsicles, Because, popsicles.


*Read: Crazy, insane, out of this world nuts, my entire family running around like a goggle of turkeys.

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