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Hobby Lobby Is Getting Rid of Their 40% off Coupon and I’m Not Happy About It

Well, looks like I may just stick to Michael’s as my ultimate craft store!

I just heard that Hobby Lobby Is Getting Rid of Their 40% off Coupon and I’m Not Happy About It!

Look, I love Hobby Lobby but only because they have always had unique things I couldn’t find anywhere else oh and because they let me use a 40% off coupon.

Here’s the thing – I am a huge couponer and money saver. In fact, that’s where I started my career 10 years ago – a coupon blog.

So, when I find out a store is no longer accepting coupons, it sort of makes me salty because who doesn’t want to save money on cute stuff? NOBODY!

Yes, Hobby Lobby has amazing and unique things but unless it’s on sale or could have a coupon used on it – it’s expensive.

There is a thread going around on Reddit right now that has Hobby Lobby employees commenting on it.

Apparently, employees were given a memo about it a few days ago.

So, when will the coupons stop?

According to a reply directly from the Hobby Lobby Facebook Page (this is an actual screenshot I took), it will be February 28, 2020.

According to employees, they were that if a customer asks why they no longer offer a coupon, they are to respond:

“We are giving you so many great deals on thousands of items throughout the entire store.”


While I am not happy they are getting rid of the coupon, I truly hope they reevaluate as customers express their concerns.

I also hope they entirely adjust their pricing because I can’t imagine having to pay 40% more for something especially right now.

Guess all the more reason to save some money and not shop at all! Ha 😉

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Saturday 27th of February 2021

Personally, I don’t see the big deal. Probably 80-90% of the time when I go into HL, the item(s) that I am purchasing are already discounted and I can’t use my coupon anyway. They way the predictably rotate their sales, you can map out which departments/categories/types of merchandise is going to be on sale in a particular week. When they put out their spring items, starting at my local HL the week before Christmas, they were immediately “40% off. It seems that they do that with every season or holiday or major event (graduation, football etc), so you rarely, if ever need that 40%coupon. The one holiday that it may come in handy for is Christmas. But they are putting Fall & Christmas before my grandson’s birthday, which is May 31st! I don’t see HL as a full on craft store anyway, that is more of what Michaels is. I see HL as more home decor & crafts. So, if you are truly so upset over what I consider a most of the time “useless coupon”, you don’t need Hobby Lobby. Just my thoughts.