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Hobby Lobby Is Getting Rid of Their 40% off Coupon and I’m Not Happy About It

Well, looks like I may just stick to Michael’s as my ultimate craft store!

I just heard that Hobby Lobby Is Getting Rid of Their 40% off Coupon and I’m Not Happy About It!

Look, I love Hobby Lobby but only because they have always had unique things I couldn’t find anywhere else oh and because they let me use a 40% off coupon.

Here’s the thing – I am a huge couponer and money saver. In fact, that’s where I started my career 10 years ago – a coupon blog.

So, when I find out a store is no longer accepting coupons, it sort of makes me salty because who doesn’t want to save money on cute stuff? NOBODY!

Yes, Hobby Lobby has amazing and unique things but unless it’s on sale or could have a coupon used on it – it’s expensive.

There is a thread going around on Reddit right now that has Hobby Lobby employees commenting on it.

Apparently, employees were given a memo about it a few days ago.

So, when will the coupons stop?

According to a reply directly from the Hobby Lobby Facebook Page (this is an actual screenshot I took), it will be February 28, 2020.

According to employees, they were that if a customer asks why they no longer offer a coupon, they are to respond:

“We are giving you so many great deals on thousands of items throughout the entire store.”


While I am not happy they are getting rid of the coupon, I truly hope they reevaluate as customers express their concerns.

I also hope they entirely adjust their pricing because I can’t imagine having to pay 40% more for something especially right now.

Guess all the more reason to save some money and not shop at all! Ha 😉


Wednesday 17th of November 2021

Hello, I wanted some crafting items from Hobby Lobby last week. I got some promo codes and when I was applying on the checkout so they didn't worked. I really disappointed at that time but my friend suggested to me their alternative store to get similar crafting items and luckily I got 65% off discount code from ClothingRIC :) Now I excited to receive my order ;)

Rosario Reynoso

Monday 26th of April 2021

Muy buen servició


Wednesday 17th of March 2021

I have bad news for Michael's shoppers - They no longer have "normal" coupons. For several months now it's been just a "20%" off *regular* priced items." :((( Seems Hobby Lobby is following that example.


Tuesday 16th of March 2021

I can see the arguments on both sides, but I'm taking the easy way out... without the coupon I will visit the store far less. I am a full time artist and crafter and that coupon was my "backup." If the item I wanted wasn't on sale that week, I would get it with the coupon, because when I'm working, I want what I need NOW - not when it might go on sale in a week or two. So if I have to go to Michael's and get 20% off, that's what I will do.

Plus, there's the "emotional" effect. In this case, the customer feels like they are losing something and that causes resentment. I don't want to be "re-educated" about a corporation's business policies. And I don't believe for a minute that their overall store prices will go down. That coupon made me feel like I had a fighting chance to control the price of one small item. That doesn't have to actually be true - it's just the feeling I personally had. And if you want to yank that rug out from under me - then I chalk you up to just another corporation who is bilking the customer any way they can. We can't see it, but we know you are doing it.

Think about it - Floral is 50% off every other week. I only buy floral at those times. Probably most customers do. So if the store is making money on those weeks, why isn't floral that price all the time? If there's room for a 50% variation in price, then what should the real price be? What kind of stupid game is this anyway? I don't like corporations. I don't like pricing games. And now I don't like Hobby Lobby. Do you know how many times I went in to buy one item with my 40% off coupon and came out of there with a dozen MORE items that I didn't intend to buy that day? That coupon got me in the store and then I reasoned why not get this or that as well and save myself another trip? So kiss that scenario goodbye, Hobby Lobby.

I won't say I won't shop there any more because I might. But I'll sure go somewhere else first because now they've made me mad and I won't be forgetting that for a long while. And if I look around and find a company who treats its customers with respect and good prices - I will be loyal to them. I go out of my way to be loyal to companies that treat me right. And Hobby Lobby just came off that list.


Tuesday 25th of May 2021

@Starr, Ditto, some subcategories are never put on sale yet the mark up is ridiculous! I needed an artist item which of course was not on sale, it was more than double the average Amazon price. So it'll be delivered soon. Not only did they lose that sale, but I'll be there much less now so they'll lose out on regular impulse buying. But hey, maybe someone else without internet will eventually come along and buy what I was looking at.... Good luck HL.


Wednesday 31st of March 2021

@Starr, totally agree with every word!


Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Went to Hobby Lobby to purchase cake boards and cake boxes, which most of the time their bakery items aren't on sale. Yep, no bakery items were on sale and without a coupon I did not make the purchase. I knew if I had that 40% coupon I would buy them. First time I walked out of Hobby Lobby without having their blue and orange bag in my hand. So much for "most items" will be at a lower price point.