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How to Get Fuller Lips Without Collagen Injections

Recently I decided I wanted fuller lips. I am not fond of needles going anywhere my face so of course Collagen injections were out. Not to mention, they are extremely expensive. So after searching around, I found a different way of How to Get Fuller Lips WITHOUT Collagen Injections.

Let me tell you, it’s something you will want to pout about (but in a good way).

How to get fuller lips without collagen injections

How to Get Fuller Lips Without Collagen Injections

I have always been a lip gloss kind of girl. As a teen you would never really see me without it. As I’ve grown older I’ve tried the lipsticks and liners and they just aren’t for me. So when I began searching for products that gave you fuller lips and came across this Contouring Lip Gloss I was ecstatic!

For less than $13 I figured I couldn’t go wrong and in the end I wasn’t being stabbed my needles. So I ordered some.

My lips looked like this before:

lips before

And this is what they looked like after…

lips after

If you look at my bottom lip specifically, you will see it does look more full and plump. Plus it’s glossy so of course, I love it!

So how did I get that? Well, it’s easy really. You simply apple the contouring lip gloss to your lips and it does the rest!

The secret is the ingredients that work to stimulate collagen production within lip tissue for fuller looking lips without irritation. I will admit that I did have a light tingly sensation for a few minutes after I applied but no burning or irritation. I truly love this stuff!

Nu Skin Contouring Lip Gloss

If you or someone you know wants fuller looking lips without costly procedures, give this a try. You can find the Contouring Lip Gloss Here.

Hey the holidays are almost here so pick some up for stocking stuffers!

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