Ke Huy Quan Crying While Receiving His First Oscars Award is The Most Wholesome Thing Ever

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Aww my heart is so happy right now!!

(((david golbitz))) 

Ke Huy Quan best known for his role in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and The Goonies, has won his first Oscar award.


Honestly, it has been a long time coming and his reaction was so wholesome…

Ke Huy Quan was crying as he got onto the stage to accept his award and everyone started crying with him.

He even got a standing ovation when he was up there making his acceptance speech.

“Dreams are something you have to believe in. I almost gave up on mine. To all of you out there, please keep your dreams alive.”

Seriously, people are so happy for Ke Huy Quan – congrats!!

You can watch his acceptance speech below.

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