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Kit Kat Released A Pink Lemonade Flavor Just In Time For Summer

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When you think of the perfect summer beverage, what comes to mind?

Perhaps a cold, and refreshing pitcher of lemonade?

Courtesy of Kit Kat

Many of us can agree that the yellow drink is a beverage made for summer, which is why Kit Kat is celebrating the beginning of the hot season with a new flavor that encapsulates our favorite drink!

Courtesy of @candyhunting

Enter, the Pink Lemonade flavored Kit Kat bar!

The beloved chocolate bar has officially created a candy bar that should taste exactly like mom’s homemade lemonade!

Courtesy of @candyfunhouse

But what’s better than lemonade, is everyone knows, pink lemonade!

Including bright pink wafers coated in a pink lemonade-flavored creme rather than chocolate, the new Kit Kat bar will also have a hint of strawberry with each bite!

Talk about the perfect summer treat to snack on in the backyard on a hot day.

Courtesy of @fbmagazine

Kit Kat’s Pink Lemonade flavored wafer candy bars are currently up for grabs at grocery stores nationwide, score!

So make sure to check the snack aisle on your next grocery run this weekend and if anyone needs me, I’ll be stocking up on this new flavor, tonight!

Courtesy of @threesnackateers

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