Kit Kat Thins Are Coming And I Can’t Wait To Try A Bag

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If you’re a big fan of Kit Kat, you would know that the original Kit Kat bar has an odd number of crunchy wafers (3 to be exact), sandwiched in between two sides of milk chocolate.

Come this spring, Kit Kat is introducing a new type of candy bar that only includes 2 crispy wafers and they’re calling it, Kit Kat Thins.


Similar to Reese’s Thins or even York Peppermint Patty Thins, Kit Kat is following their competition with a thinner version of the original 3 wafer stacked chocolate bar.


Although since the packaging looks the same in its bright red suit, make sure to look for the word “Thins” on the resealable package on grocery stores shelves.

Now when will you be making a trip to retail stores, well that depends.


There’s no exact date regarding when “Kit Kat Thins” are officially hitting shelves, but we do know that they’re taking over in the month of March come the new year!

The 7 ounce bag also is a shareable bag as it says so on the top right corner, but is it just me or does anybody else really offer to share when it comes to candy because I know I don’t!

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