Here’s a List of Foods Your Dogs Cannot Eat on Christmas Day

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The Christmas season involves feasts of food that often lead to feeding the family dogs with the leftovers from the dinner table.

While you may be tempted to lower your hand under the dinner table to give your dig a piece of Christmas ham, don’t.

My advice? Don’t look into their puppy eyes.

So while you may be able to devour everything mom made for Christmas, here’s a list of foods your dogs cannot eat over the holiday according to Petbarn.

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Foods Your Dogs Should Avoid During Christmas

Onions and garlic are great seasonings for pretty much anything, however both vegetables are poisonous for your four-legged fur baby.

While there is mixed confusion with feeding your dog bits of avocado, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry and refrain from letting your dog eat the green fruit.

Chocolate is a hard no.

Since chocolate contains theobromine, it can cause several health affects for dogs and in severe cases, even death; the same goes for dark chocolate.

The raisins in your oatmeal baked cookies and the grapes served as hors d’oeuvres should also be avoided giving to your family pet considering these foods can lead to kidney failure when consumed.

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The large Christmas ham on the dinner table along with its poultry bones also cannot be consumed by your dog since the bones can get stuck in their throat, and while the ham tastes good to us, the meat is high in fat and is too salty for them.

Courtesy of Petbarn

So enjoy your Christmas ham and chocolate desserts, as long as your dog doesn’t.

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