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This New Nightmare Before Christmas Advent Calendar Is Simply Meant To Be Yours

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Well, well, well — what have we here?


It’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: Official Advent Calendar: Ghoulish Delight, and it will be mine!

Yes, I know, Christmas still seems like it’s lightyears away. But y’all, Santa’s going to start his sleigh ride in less than 4 month. No time like the present to start planning!

Besides, it’s The Nightmare Before Christmas! There is NEVER a bad time to start thinking about all things Jack and Sally.

The front of this Nightmare Before Christmas Advent Calendar features pictures of Jack, Zero, Sally, Oogie Boogie, Lock, Shock, Barrel, and Scary Teddy.


Each day in December, you will get to open one envelope, and reveal what surprise Jack has in store for you!

There are 25 cute little envelopes inside this Advent Calendar, enough to get you from December 1 all the way through Christmas. Each envelope varies in shape and size, and displays a picture that will either remind you of Halloween Town, Christmas Town, or maybe a little of both.


Now, you will have to wait until the corresponding day to see what is inside each little envelope, but we’ll give you a hint.

This special countdown calendar opens to reveal 25 gifts that include mini books, note cards, ornaments, and other surprises to take readers through the 25 days of the happiest holiday of the year. 


This Nightmare Before Christmas Advent Calendar won’t actually be released until October 12th, but WAIT. Don’t stop listening now!


The price is only $26.99, and that is a guaranteed price. Once you reserve it for $26.99, you are locked in. If the price goes up, you don’t have to pay any additional money.

This NBC Advent Calendar, though only on pre-sale at the moment, is ALREADY #1 in New Releases. I’m guessing that means it’s going to go FAST.

You can PRE-ORDER your Nightmare Before Christmas Advent Calendar on the Amazon website.


Get your Nightmare Before Christmas Advent Calendar while you can!! Don’t waste any time tromping through the pumpkin patch. Get to Amazon, and reserve yours today!


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