No Halloween Doesn’t Move Because of A Pandemic

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How is this even a question? Everybody on all of social media is discussing what day Halloween is going to move to due to the pandemic. 

Halloween doesn’t move. It happens on October 31. No matter what. 

If it’s a school night, Halloween still happens. 

If it’s raining, Halloween still happens. 

If it’s snowing, Halloween still happens. 

If there is a pandemic, Halloween still happens, just differently (and maybe more mask wearing than usual?)

You see where I’m going with this, right?

Why are people so concerned with giving their kids this picture perfect “holiday” with amazing weather and optimal trick or treating conditions? 

That isn’t how this works. That’s now how any of this works.

You’re not out saving the baby Jesus. You’re taking free candy from strangers for crying out loud. 

There is no need to reschedule this holiday if it doesn’t happen. Precious memories won’t be lost forever.

If free door to door candy is that important to you, then bring some hand sanitizer, wear a mask and social distance. 

People aren’t going to deny your child candy, so just slow your roll a little bit. In fact, so many people have gotten creative about how to pass out candy this year which is totally awesome.

Halloween isn’t canceled on account of a pandemic. It’s just different. It’s all going to be fine.

So everybody just take a deep breath, your kid will still have plenty of snack sized snickers and butterfingers for you to steal. 

It will be okay. 

Oh, and again, wear a mask and slather yourself in hand sanitizer…


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  1. Get off your high horse, lady. We’re not talking about a little rain. Our entire area was under a sever thunderstorm warning, a tornado warning and a flood warning. Excuse us for wanting to ensure the safety of our children and keep them from getting struck by lightning, swept away in gale-force winds or drowning in floodwaters ??‍♀️

    1. I mean… they didn’t have to go outside and trick or treat in the rain. The point still stands. Halloween doesn’t move for rain.

  2. Well halloween is oct 31st. I know some areas that got hit with snow pretty bad that did change trick or treating to saturday. I live in chicago and got the unseasonable snow yesterday. I can see in exterme bad weather trick or treating be changed to a day or 2 after. My little one did bundle up and got a killing of candy though. We did go for an hour. We did indoor halloween activities as well.

  3. Funny how it says the author is an “all around happy person” but you can sense so much hostility in her article towards parents who are just genuinely concerned for their kids safety. Just because you dont care for yours doesn’t mean everybody feels the same way.

    1. Stop being so sensitive and for crying out loud stop making your children pansies!!! The Authour does not at all sound unhappy, she is speaking the truth, we went no matter what in rain or snow and got a ton of candy!!! Quit thinking the world should stop because you people are scared to get wet or are offended by something

  4. I live in Central VA, and we were under a tornado watch all day, 60mph winds, trees down, cloud to ground lightning, flash flooding, multiple power outages. We live in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains. Safety comes first. It wasn’t just a “little bit of rain” it’s a safety issue. I wouldn’t let my kids outside to play in those conditions on any other day, so why is Halloween any different. The National Weather Service told us to remain indoors. The tornado watches and severe storm warnings were from 2pm-12am.

    1. That is understandable those are dangerous conditions.

  5. Even w/hurricane force winds and pouring rain? Really?

    1. I lived in New Jersey when superstorm Sandy hit and our area was very badly hit we had no power, we had to get gas on alternate days based on the last digits of your license plate because they couldn’t get trucks into the area, and guess what Halloween wasn’t moved! It doesn’t get moved, if you’re that concerned about the weather you have the option not to go. Not everything in this world gets rearranged so that people aren’t inconvenienced, I mean seriously what’s next let’s move Christmas because there’s snow?

  6. Truth be told, Jesus was actually born in the summer. Google it!

  7. Well, here in good old WV, apparently rain is a viable excuse to move Halloween. I grew up in MD and have lived just about everywhere a d this is the 1st time I’ve had this happen. I can’t wait for these kids to grow up a d be like, “Naw, I can’t come into work today, it’s raining.” SMH

  8. You dont move halloween to the next day. All Saints day is onNovember 1st., a very Holy day for Many Christian’s. Some churches have even eliminated the practice of halloween by having kids dress up like their favorite Saint, and save their pennies to give to the missions rather than seek candy from strangers, etc. I’ve seen them, their so cut, dressing up like st. Francis, st. Theresa, st. Anthony, st. Peter, etc…. I think this is move inspiring then dressing up as a witch or superman.

  9. Well in my area we are expecting flooding and storms… They just moved trick or treating to the next day. People who only feel holidays need to be celebrated on certain days drive me nuts…

    1. I know right? I personally like celebrating Christmas on July 26th and who says New Years day must be Jan. 1. Don’t even get me started on Easter.

      1. Lmao I’m all for celebrating Christmas in the summer.