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Nose Hair Extensions Are The Newest Beauty Craze and I Wish I Was Kidding

Okay, some things just make me take a double take and lately, I’ve found myself doing it more often when it comes to current beauty trends.

This time around – Nose Hair Extensions.

Yes, Nose Hair Extensions are the newest beauty craze and honestly, I wish I was kidding!

Several beauty bloggers have taken to Instagram to post whether this was a trend to stay or a trend to say nay to.

And it’s not just one beauty blogger either, it’s several…

But the best part is the reactions like this:

Or this:

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A post shared by Matthias Schwaighofer (@schwaighoferart) on

LOL! I mean, does anyone actually think these were a good idea? I’d constantly itch or sneeze from all that extra hair and tickle…

This is one of those beauty trends that is making me say WTF?!

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