Olive Garden’s Breadstick Bouquet is The Gift Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

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Um, this is basically all I’ve ever wanted. Oh and maybe like 5 minutes to pee in peace…


So, I was just online placing a to-go order for dinner tonight and guess what I came across?


Olive Garden has a Breadstick Bouquet for Mom and it’s all I’ve ever wanted!!

Starting at just $4.29 (depending on how many you order), you can treat mom to a bouquet that is surely going to put a smile on her face.

Olive Garden

Sure, you can spend triple that getting her flowers OR you can get her something she will enjoy every bite of. Your choice.

The best part is, these are take and bake so you can make them fresh for mom and then wrap them in the cute bouquet wrapper Olive Garden gives you.


This Mother’s Day, give Mom the gift of classic comfort with warm breadsticks in a Breadstick Bouquet, complete with special messages and the option to color your own Bouquet wrapper, that you can make in just a few simple steps:


Download Breadstick Bouquet wrappers, choose your favorite(s) and print. 

Order take-and-bake or ready to eat Breadsticks – sold by the half-dozen or dozen – and pick up To Go from your closest Olive Garden

Bake Breadsticks if needed and assemble your Breadstick Bouquet(s) by following the simple steps on the bottom of the Bouquet wrapper.

Gift and enjoy!

I really hope my husband sees this so he can get me what I really want for Mother’s Day (that is breadsticks with a side of Alfredo sauce).

You can order your Breadstick Bouquet from Olive Garden here.

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