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Pillsbury Has Candy Cane Cookie Dough That’s Safe to Eat Raw For The Holiday Season

Pillsbury has several cookie dough flavors ready at the oven ding for the holiday season and this time of year, it’s all about the sweet treats, chocolate chips, and candy canes.

Introducing Pillsbury’s candy cane cookie dough that’s safe to eat raw!

Courtesy of Instacart

Omitting measurements and mixing, Pillsbury’s candy cane cookie dough is ready to be rolled into spheres, cut into Christmas trees or sprinkled with red and green jimmies.

Courtesy of @snackscavenger

The cookie dough that’s ready to eat straight from the packaging or also available to bake, should taste similar to the classic peppermint sweet treat that are often hung on Christmas trees or received as stocking stuffers to crunch on and devour.

The red and white colored cookie dough stuffed in red packaging is currently stocked on retail store shelves for the holiday season or ready to order online through Instacart and the Pillsbury website.

Courtesy of Instacart