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Reindeer Ho Ho Snacks ~ Christmas Treats

Hallecake is back with another awesome video on her YouTube Channel–this time with a Christmas treat idea. I’m not sure where my daughter comes up with all this genius-ness. She’s AMAZING! And with a little recipe idea from Imperial Sugar, she makes the most awesome Reindeer Ho Ho Snacks for Christmas Treats!

ho ho reindeer feature

We had so much fun working with Imperial Sugar to make this Reindeer Ho Ho Snack recipe from their Website and Hallecake fell in love! Watch her creating her own Reindeer Ho Ho Snacks!

How to make Reindeer Ho Ho Snacks:

  1. Make Royal Icing according to the recipe here. Then set it aside.
  2. Push 2 mini-candy canes into the top of each ho ho.
  3. Using the royal icing, glue two blue M&M’s on for eyes and a Red Hot candy on for a nose!

So SUPER simple!

There are so many amazing recipes for kids to make over at the Imperial Sugar site! They have so many really cool and creative recipes in their Christmas section. If you make this with your kids, show it off over on Hallecake’s Facebook page! And while you’re at it, check out the rest of the Christmas inspiration from Imperial Sugar over at Pinterest!

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