Sam’s Club Is Selling a Floating Picnic Table So You Can Really Enjoy Lunch On The Water

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When you think of having lunch on the water you might think of boating and eating in the boat while on the water. But, that is all about to change because Sam’s Club Is Selling a Floating Picnic Table So You Can Really Enjoy Lunch On The Water!

Up your game this summer while at the lake or heck, even the pool.

This Floating Picnic Table is by Rhino Building Products and is large enough to hold 5 adults (even more kids).

Maximize your fun in the sun with Rhino Building Product’s Floating Picnic Table. Designed for safety, durability, and convenience–our lightweight table comfortably seats four. It also comes equipped with cup holders and eye hooks for attaching a cooler. It provides a stable, easy-to-clean dining spot in your favorite watering hole.


  • Great for lakes or backyard watering holes 
  • Durable, washable and lightweight 
  • 96″ x 60″ x 20″ 
  • Capacity: 600 lbs. or 4 adults 
  • Built with eye hooks and extra space for a cooler 
  • For seasonal use/not a towable item 
  • Weighs 65 lbs.

This floating picnic table will cost you $598.00 with free shipping but when you think of all the good times you’ll have out in the water, you won’t even have to second guess the price.

Even the reviews are amazing and people seem to love it.

I mean, buying this seems to be so much easier than trying to make one of these:

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  1. OMG, what a cool product! I’d like to get one. Thanks for posting!